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Undergraduate Students


Past Members

Antonis Protopsaltou Alumni (PhD) antonis at cs.uoi.gr
Vicky Stamati Alumni (PhD) vicky at cs.uoi.gr
Kostas Stefanidis Alumni (PhD) kstef at cs.uoi.gr
Giorgos Antonopoulos Alumni (MSc) gantonop at cs.uoi.gr
Vassilios Boziaris Alumni (MSc)  
Panayotis Domouchtsidis Alumni (MSc) pdomouch at cs.uoi.gr
Nikolaos Folinas Alumni (MSc)  
Katerina Fotiadou Alumni (MSc) csst0052 at cs.uoi.gr
Bill Fotopoulos Alumni (MSc) vfotopou at cs.uoi.gr
Tassos Karayannis Alumni (MSc)  
Georgios Karpathios Alumni (MSc) gkarpa at cs.uoi.gr
Eftychia Koletsou Alumni (MSc) ekoletso at cs.uoi.gr
Efrosini Kouri Alumni (MSc) ekouri at cs.uoi.gr
Nikolaos Kremmydas Alumni (MSc) nkremmid at cs.uoi.gr
Kostas Lillis Alumni (MSc) klillis at cs.uoi.gr
Dimitris Markouzis Alumni (MSc) dimmark at cs.uoi.gr
Mirto Ntetsika Alumni (MSc) mntetsik at cs.uoi.gr
Filippos Papadopoulos Alumni (MSc) filip at cs.uoi.gr
Maria Papafoti Alumni (MSc)  
Xara Papageorgiou Alumni (MSc) chpapage at cs.uoi.gr
Yannis Petrakis Alumni (MSc)  
Aliki Pilalidou Alumni (MSc) apilalid at cs.uoi.gr
Zissis Plitsis Alumni (MSc) zplitsis at cs.uoi.gr
Giorgos Rogkakos Alumni (MSc) grogkako at cs.uoi.gr
Euthimia Rova Alumni (MSc) efirova at cs.uoi.gr
Panagiotis Skyvalidas Alumni (MSc) skyval at cs.uoi.gr
Konstantinos Stamkopoulos Alumni (MSc) kostamko at cs.uoi.gr
Jenny Stathopoulou Alumni (MSc) jstath at cs.uoi.gr
Iason Tsaparlis Alumni (MSc) itsapar at cs.uoi.gr
Theodoros Tsotsos Alumni (MSc) thodoris at cs.uoi.gr
Vicky Tziovara Alumni (MSc)  
Ioanna Zeliou Alumni (MSc) ioanna at cs.uoi.gr
Anastasios Balis Alumni (BSc) csst0039 at cs.uoi.gr
Dimitrios Barelos Alumni (BSc)  
Georgios Botis Alumni (BSc) csst0040 at cs.uoi.gr
Martha Chronopoulou Alumni (BSc)  
David David Alumni (BSc)  
Maria-Anastasia Diamantopoulou Alumni (BSc)  
Apostolos Dinakis Alumni (BSc)  
Dimitris Fourkiotis Alumni (BSc) csst0051 at cs.uoi.gr
Andreas Generalis Alumni (BSc)  
Kostas Georgoulas Alumni (BSc)  
Alexandros Gkimperitis Alumni (BSc)  
Vasilikh Kaplani Alumni (BSc) csst0069 at cs.uoi.gr
Athanasios Kinalis Alumni (BSc)  
Maria Kiosse Alumni (BSc)  
Aggelos Kleisouras Alumni (BSc)  
Alexandra Lappa Alumni (BSc) csst0032 at zeus.cs.uoi.gr
Andromache Leze Alumni (BSc) csst0126 at cs.uoi.gr
Konstantinos Mantzoukas Alumni (BSc) csst0034 at cs.uoi.gr
Georgios Margaritis Alumni (BSc) csst0109 at cs.uoi.gr
Sofia Marogianni Alumni (BSc)  
Konstantinos Papadopoulos Alumni (BSc) cs040957 at cs.uoi.gr
Fotini Pechlivani Alumni (BSc) fpechliv at cs.uoi.gr
Stefanos Petsios Alumni (BSc)  
Loukas Simopoulos Alumni (BSc)  
Ioannis Sioutis Alumni (BSc) csst9927 at cs.uoi.gr
Christos Tsolkas Alumni (BSc)  
Giota Vatsiou Alumni (BSc) cs040887 at cs.uoi.gr
Ioannis Zorbas Alumni (BSc)  


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