Result-Driven Database Recommendations


As databases get larger and become accessible to a more diverse and less technically-oriented audience, exploration or recommendation style database interactions are attractive and useful. We propose assisting users in database exploration by recommending to them additional items that are highly related with the items in the result of their original query. Our recommendations are based solely on the result of the user query. No log of previous results is required.

Did you know...?

... that Francis Ford Coppola has directed Sci-fi movies in Switzerland? Not many other directors have done so... thus, if you are interested in Francis Ford Coppola, maybe you would be interested in those directors as well!

Our system, when the user asks for the "genre" and "country" of the movies directed by Francis Ford Coppola discovers this fact and recommends similar directors, i.e., other directors that have directed such movies.

Check our framework for more details!